Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tom's Farms

Today I visited Tom's Farms in Temecula. It is a biker hangout so there are many different people to visit with. Along with the furniture store, candy store, farmer's market, and wine and cheese store there is a garden center, picnic area, swap meet, shed display, and mini western town with a train, electric tractors, shooting gallery and other amusements. There is also a pond with a fountain. I really wanted to swim but we thought we'd have to make a quit exit if I did. We visited many people and everyone thought I was a sweet and beautiful dog. I even rode the train!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Diamond in the Ruff, An Open House

Today was the Guide Dogs of America Open House and 60th Anniversary. It was called Diamond in the Ruff.
I have never seen so many puppies-in-training all in the same place at the same time. And sooo many people, too! We did something called Puppy Trials. We really enjoyed that! There were so many smells and things to see and do. There were even farm animals and hot dog plants. Really, the hot dogs were growing right out of the pots. I wanted one very badly but left them alone. We conducted a tour for about 30 people through the campus and I was the star of the tour, of course.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Paws To Heal Anyone?

Today we went to a Therapy Dog meeting called Paws To Heal. Both Dodger and Paisley are therapy dogs. I'm not a therapy dog, but, I was invited anyway. There were all kinds of dogs there ... labradoodles, goldens, weimereiners, and labradors. We had fun enjoying the yard and playing in the baby pool. I was exhausted when I got home and I was a very good girl!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My New Condo Home!

I am now living with two other labrador retrievers, Dodger - another black labrador, and, Paisley - a yellow labrador. Dodger is kind of a crabby guy but he seems to like having me around. Paisley is a lot more fun and seems to like me even better. She plays with me a lot and she is now my IDOL! We also have a few cats. Casey is a long haired white cat the seems to live in the kitchen on top of the fridge. Abby is a short haired tabby who lives under the bed in her own "cat" room. I'm not allowed in there because I would eat all the cat food and probably some kitty roca from the litter box, too.

Go West Young Puppy-Breaking out of Camp GDA!

My name is Velvet and I am a black labrador retriever, born at Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar, CA. I was raised in Idaho by my mom and dad. I came back to Sylmar, CA when I was called in for a breeder evaluation. Then something called a "heat" happened and I stayed at camp GDA without getting that evaluation.
Wahoo, my heat was over and I am leaving this place with someone new. I cannot wait to see what is next in my journey to become a guide dog.