Saturday, August 9, 2008

Swimming, swimming, swimming

On our way home from GDA, we stopped at Aunt Cathy's where Landon and Virtue were waiting. I started by taking a warm-up dip in the Koi pond (woops, big NO NO). Not sure those Koi will ever be the same! After a scolding, we all swam in the real pool. Paisley was with us, too. We had a blast retrieving the flying squeaky disk thing. Both Paisley and I crashed on the way home.

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teri2buch said...

Yes VELVET you are a water dog!!! We missed you on the last 2 white water rafting trips down the Payette & Boise Rivers here in Idaho! The water was missing you to calling out "where is VELVET?!?!?!?" We are happy that can swim with the big fish.... I mean big dogs & have fun!!! We love you & miss you! Be good!
TnT (mom & dad in Idaho)