Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Official !

We got the word today that I will be a breeder for Guide Dogs of America! I don't know what that means yet but it has to do with boy dogs and puppies. Sounds like a great deal to me. I'll be going to a new home Sunday the 28th. My current temporary family will miss me terribly but they know that this is the right thing to do! Plus, I know they will be checking in on me! They are all proud that I will be part of the wonderful GDA breeding program! I will be at the Orange County meeting in October but will be attending South Bay Meetings after that!


Joanna and Camry said...

Congrats!!! My puppy Camry was chosen last month for the GDA breeding program, and I'm SO excited for her!! And for Velvet!!! I'm hoping her new family keeps up with the blog!!

Ann said...

Wow Velvet! That is so exciting. i am really happy for you and your new family and Guide Dogs of America. I wrote your brother Velo and told him all about it. He is loving school and got to where his harness and I heard he looked really handsome. Have fun with the boys!
Ann (Velo's mom)

teri2buch said...

Atta girl VELVET~ you are gorgous & your puppies will be incredible! We are proud of you & hope that your new foster family loves you as much as we loved you here in Idaho. Before you go to your new family please give Laurel a huge wet puppy kiss as a "Thank You" for taking you into her home while you were being evaluated! She is a great lady & I know she will miss you as much as we do! Great job princess VELVET~ WAY TO GO!!!!
Love always~ Teri & Tim (mom & dad in Idaho)

Colby, Derby, Stetson, and Linus said...

Way to go Velvet! Are you staying in Orange County or are you moving to another group? Hopefully we get to see you at our next meeting.

Kasey and Blitz said...

Congratulations Velvet!! How cool that you're going to be a mommy! I know you'll enjoy that life! The breeders get to be pets while still being a huge and important part to GDA! Congrats again!!

Frank Lozano said...

I am just amazed on how incredible all the people are that I have met associated with GDA. I have been doing research on Guide Dogs of America for the past month and a half as I have just completed a documentary short film about PUPPY RAISING!!! It's like a really big family, and the dogs are amazing. They are like children!!!

I am not sure if you heard about the film I made? It's called GUIDED, A TAIL OF LOVE and it features Bob and Pam English who now run the monthly puppy raiser meetings in Sylmar. They are just fantastic. And I would love to make this a longer piece soon.

I entered it in a film festival competition for the 168 FILM PROJECT. The festival is on April 3, 4, 2009 in Glendale. I would love for you to come and support GDA at the Festival! Bring your "breeder". :)

Check out my website for more details and congrats on the breeding! When is the next litter due? I would love to film it.

Frank Lozano
Director of "Guided"