Sunday, August 16, 2009

Velvet Visits the Sawdust Festival

I got to go to the Sawdust Festival with the Orange County Guide Dog puppies with Laurel!


Anonymous said...

HI VELVET & Auntie Laurel~ We are very proud of you! I've always wanted to see the sawdust festival, so now you can tell me all about it when we come down to see you in October, (unless you have your "other" responsibilites to take care of...).

Today we "floated" the Boise River in the raft & saw many "velvet" looking dogs chase sticks with their people, we wished you were with us.... we love you & miss you terribly!!!

puppy kisses & tail wags to Auntie Laurel & your other "mom" Melinda, we hope she feels better soon!

Teri & Tim, Meridian Idaho

GDA LAB said...

Best looking group of PIT that I have ever seen. :)

Celeste said...

Velvet checking in...
I am happy to see my blog and want everyone to know I am doing well and having fun!
Slurps & Wags,
Miss V.