Friday, September 18, 2009

Velvet Meets Her New Foster Family

Today I went for a ride in the GDA van with Meri. We stopped at a fun place called Tom's Farms. It was hot there, so we took a little walk in the shade of some pretty trees. A woman came up to us to say hello. She knew our names, and was petting me and hugging me! I did my best wiggle and happy dance. Meri gave her my leash and we walked over to her car and there I met a couple of nice dogs named Asta and Kerry. I gladly jumped in with them and before I knew it we were on the road, heading up into the mountains! My first weekend at Lake Arrowhead with my new foster family!

I had a ball playing with my new dog friends and I LOVED all the swimming!


Career Change Condo said...

Enjoy yourself beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...


You always were the happiest when you were in water!!! Enjoy your new family! Keep in touch~ we love & miss you!

T & T
(mom & dad in Idaho)